2007 Recap: A year of SimRacing


Civitavecchia, Italy

For David Greco, 2007 was a year with many changes. After a late 2006 move back to his home in Italy, Greco ventured in early 2007 to Vienna, Austria, to begin university studies at The International University in the Austrian capital.

During the year, Greco ran in several online racing championships, and scored several wins en route to second place in the prestigious Formula SimRacing World Championship; one of the most challenging simulation racing leagues available.

While continuing to seek backing for a return to the real racing cockpit, Greco also managed to make an impressive showing at the Bologna Motor Show in mid-December.

A number of exhibitors at the motor show hosted hot-lap competitions with simulator cockpits for members of the public to take a shot at being the quickest driver of the show. Arriving on the final weekend of the show, Greco won three hot-lap contests and came home with several prizes. The most exciting prize, a brand new racing go-kart to be received in April at a racing event.

Greco also won a handful of Toyota F1 racing memorabilia, and an interview with Italian racing magazine, AutoSprint.

Interestingly, while Greco is among many who believe there is a strong potential for top simulation racers to move into real cars, there are several online racing championships forthcoming in 2008 that may provide the opportunity to get into real cars.

Greco continues to seek backing to reestablish his racing career in 2008 and hopes to at least run races in one of two Italian national championships—Formula Renault or Formula 3.