rFO Prize Day, Laps in F3 at Adria


Adria, Italy

The Racing Factory Online (rFO) season champions were awarded their prizes today, and David Greco took to the track in a Formula 3 car provided by Puresport.it. The car, a remnant from the 1992 Formula 3 season, offered Greco just 8 laps of driving on track with GP2 Series driver Marco Bonanomi.

"It was really fun to get back behind the wheel of a racing car," said Greco, "and particularly interesting to see what I could do compared to a seasoned racer like Marco Bonanomi. Would I have liked to have more laps? Sure I would. Yet this is a great prize from rFO, one of the best—if not the best—prize in sim racing." Greco's rFO teammate, Ernesto De Angelis also attended the Adria day. Without De Angelis's act of sportsmanship, Greco would have finished second in the rFO championship; Greco missed races due to other commitments and ceded the series lead to De Angelis—who then himself missed races so Greco could regain the lead.

Greco and Bonanomi also went head-to-head in a simulator. Using a custom mod for the rFactor simulation, Greco set the best lap times of the pair by nearly a second.

"It was fun to compare myself with Marco in the simulator, yet really it was driving the real car that was more important to me. It was only 8 laps, yet it reminded me of what I want to do in life, and insipres me to pursue racing with even more passion than I have so far."

In continued pursuit of racing, Greco is currently signed up for the Z Scholarship talent search based in Bahrain. Driver assessment in the program begins in October 2008, with track time in Shanghai.

For images of the Adria day, please see the Gallery.