Greco Races to 3rd in Granja Viana Return


Sao Paulo, Brasil

Saturday, August 8, 2009, David Greco raced at the Kartodrome Granja Viana in Sao Paulo, Brazil to a third place finish in the Sport 400 Lite class.

It was Greco's first karting race since leaving Brazil in 2002, where he had raced for nearly four years during a family diplomatic assignment.
The Italian is back in Brazil for the summer of 2009 for the same reason, and again is enjoying Granja Viana, this year with an eye to returning to the 500 Miles of Granja Viana race in December.
"I have to thank Mingo Zamora and Luis Brunini, and Mingo's mechanics, especially Alemao," said Greco from Sao Paulo. "It was a great time being back in a kart race, not to mention one at Granja Viana where I started racing back in 1999. I've really enjoyed the weekend and look forward to coming back in December for the 500 miles."
"This race was a perfect opportunity to be sure I still had good kart racing skills, and I am quite pleased with the results," Greco added.
Greco continues working towards racing on a regular basis in 2010. "I of course drove a Formula Palmer Audi car in March, and it was great. I need more seat time, for sure, to be ready to race, but I am quite sure I still have the ability to race cars. I am working with some people in Europe with an aim of being in a car before the end of 2009 again, and then to race next year. We will see how it works out."
Greco returns to the International University in Vienna in September where he will continue his studies in the International Relations program.