David Greco is pleased to offer companies world-wide the opportunity to expand their business reach through a motor sports marketing partnership.

Motorsports sponsorship, at all levels, increases brand loyalty among racing fans, brings new business through those not previously aware of the company and its products, and adds prestige to your products giving them an edge over your competition. Racing fans are well known for their affinity for the sponsors they see on racing cars.

Does sponsoring a driver in lower levels really pay off? YES! The same fans who attend a race weekend to see the top level—Formula One, for example—are further drawn to the sponsor who backs an up-and-coming driver because they know that sponsor is taking a shot at backing someone new. RedBull is famous for this—and its wide-ranging backing of racing in general. It ALL has to start somewhere: backing a driver in a junior level of racing, and moving up to the pinnacle—Formula One—builds extremely positive impressions of a brand among fans. Ask the folks at RedBull.

This Formula 3 car illustrates a typical junior formula car with available branding space.

David is also prepared to work for your company off the track as an ambassador for your products and, should it meet your needs, a developer of new business relationships to help grow your business through motorsports.